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Get in touch with
us for price quotes,
project details and queries.
Send us the files to be
printed and instructions.
Confirm your order.

We’ll start printing once your confirmation is processed.

Step 5 - Final
Collect the final print or have it delivered to your home/ office!


How do I place an order?
Getting in touch with us is easy! E-mail us a query by using our enquiry form. Please include the details of your order and your requirements in the e-mail. We will respond to you with a price quote and any additional information. If your order is lengthy or complicated we request you to be patient. We will contact you for more information if needed. You can also get in touch with us at our phone number and postal address.
How do I send my files to you?
Once you have selected the files you can send them to us through a number of electronic channels. If you prefer to e-mail the files to us please ensure that each individual image is less than 10mb in size. We receive images through FTPs and website transfer mediums like Dropbox. You can also post/ deposit the files on CDs, DVDs and thumb drives.
What happens after I send the files?
This step usually takes about 24 hours. We will send a soft copy of the artwork to you. Please note that the soft copy will be a low-resolution image and does not depict the colour/ image quality of the final product. This is only meant to act as a confirmation of the order and will give you a chance to review the order and ensure that the correct image is being processed.
What are my payment options?
You can choose from a number of payment options at your convenience. You can make the payment via a cheque, bank transfer or through Internet banking. You can also make the payment by way of a cash deposit. After you make the payment please wait for it to be processed before we move to the next step.
How will you ensure colour quality?
We do not accept already printed samples from our clients for colour-matching purposes. Since the final printing results vary from machine to machine we cannot guarantee an exact copy to a sample provided by you. We invite you to visit us and inspect our colour samples and print quality once your order has been processed and the soft copy proof has been verified. By seeing our final products in person you will be able to review the colour proofs and we’re happy to guarantee your satisfaction.
When will my order be printed?
After you visit our labs and confirm the final colour proof we will begin printing your order.
How will I receive the finished product?
Once your order is ready you will be notified. You can opt to collect the finished product from us yourself or we’d be happy to deliver it to you. This completes your order!